airbnb guest-house

I will make plans guest-house till sell house on airbnb. Come on, Let’s take a deep breath.

off road   一本杉 This place is rare.

Yo can try Karate 日本空手道….by Numachi sensei.

押忍 numachi sensei is wonderful man also strong man.

Kata is so difficult.

You can experience put wood on fire also split wood.


I’m a slow but steady worker. firewood kinds oak cherry tree  zelkova  deciduous tree.

Mt. Tsukuba….筑波山


Let’s all cooking together Japanese foods.  for example Sushi roll.

spring roll…..ground meat shiitake mushroom and etc.


This place is the ridges of mt. Kaba Ashio.  come on, Let’s go cycling also deep breath.

one day foggy morning in Yasato.


So cute child in Ishioka festival.  I took all pictures.


Shishigashira is Ishioka city symbol.

The shishigashira………traditional Ishioka-city.


石岡のお祭り  once a year September.

many street stand. This is deep-fried chicken.




Japanese famous festival Ishioka.


base of paraglider ….Come on, take off.

paraglider in Yasato.



practice for beginners.

You can try it however need booking.


This place is Makabe ridges of mt. ashio.  a forest bath.

There is Japanese traditonal house near Kasama city. so beautiful view.



Japanese Sake Matsumidori……松緑


This is old wine cellar in Kasama. Japanese Sake.

Kasama Inari shrine. Very famous shrine in Japan.


The fox is symbol of Kasama inari shrine.

cleanse oneself with pure water and worship.

Kasama  forest art park.